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Macabre at the Museum

Join world renowned paranormal investigator Steve Shippy for an exclusive all night investigation of the Haunted Saginaw® Museum. Spend multiple hours exploring the entire location, even areas that are off limits to the general public! Steve will have his vast collection of equipment on hand, including the world's largest Geoport, custom made by creator George Brown.  


* No audio or recording devices allowed, no exceptions * 

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About the Tour

Your night begins with exploring The Haunted Museum, as well as, private shopping in The Haunted Saginaw® Shoppe with your exclusive 20% off discount.
(Your purchases will be bagged and held until the end of the night so your hands can be free to hold flashlights and investigation equipment!)

Your incredible night of experiences and investigation begins with a VIP Meet and Greet with Steve Shippy. This will offer a chance for Steve to get on a first name basis with everyone and for participants to get to know each other and discuss the paranormal goals of the night.

Now the time has come, you’ve learned of the building's morbid history and paranormal activity through the documentary, you have established a fellowship with the other participants, and you’ve had time to explore and acclimate to the eerie vibes and strange energies from The Museum… Time to go lights out!!!

Leading the investigation, Steve Shippy will take you and the team to the most active parts of the building (both floors) informing you of the disturbing activity he and his staff have witnessed, as well as what they have caught on the security cameras.

You will now spend hours roaming six thousand square feet of active and historic property - using state of the art investigative equipment, and the Haunted Saginaw® Founder at your side.

We strongly urge all participants to watch "A Haunting on Adams Street" prior to their investigation.


Virtual Live Investigation

Steve Shippy hosts an online investigation of the Haunted Saginaw® Museum for 3 people.  This intimate virtual investigation is ideal for those who are not able to travel to to the museum.

Coming Soon

About the Virtual Investigation

Investigate the Haunted Saginaw® Museum LIVE with Steve Shippy! Acknowledging that there are certain factors that prohibit some enthusiasts from attending an in-person investigation such as:


  • Living overseas/ too far away to attend

  • A physical disability or social anxiety

  • Fear of physically being in a haunted location


Steve has pioneered a perfect solution, you can now investigate from the comfort of your own home! Your exclusive LIVE streaming event will begin with a meet and greet with you (and your party) before starting. You can communicate with Steve the entire time, and even request the use of certain devices, as well as asking the spirits questions yourself! After the thorough investigation is complete, you will have wrap up conversation about the hair-raising experiences you have just shared!

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