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413 Adams St Saginaw, MI 48602
In the heart of Old Town on the corner of Adams & Hamilton Street
Summer Hours: 4pm-11pm on Saturdays



The Haunted Saginaw® Museum occupies a space in downtown Saginaw that was once a centuries-old mortuary.  This longstanding historic building has temporarily housed countless souls as they were prepared for the journey to their final resting place.



The ongoing investigation of the historic Brockway Manor is on full display within the walls of the museum. Glowing showcases cradle several dozen items seen, used, and discovered during the hair raising film: A Haunting on Brockway Street. 

You will see the powerful and emotional letters to Victor written by Mrs. Braley and her daughter, the actual trigger objects used during the investigations, several of the strange items found underneath the home, and the images that were captured of the two entities residing in the Brockway house, and much more! 

(This exhibit will grow when the long anticipated sequel is released this fall) 

Brockway Street


This is as close as you will ever come to being inside the notorious Finn Road farm house in Bay County, MI. The exhibit is completely filled with items you witnessed in the hair raising documentary: A Haunting on Finn Road: The Devil’s Grove.

The walls are lined with the macabre & vintage taxidermy, strings of rusty traps, and several dozen items you will surely recognize from the home. 


As you make your way into this chilling exhibit, gazing into the centuries old showcases which glow with a flickering ambience, you will ultimately encounter the most notable items such as an actual brick from the home (containing much energy), pages from the automatic writing sessions, hundreds of bones, the antique Hungarian tarot cards and yes…


THE RITUAL BOOK which was discovered by the police officer in the basement! The vibe in this room is palpable. 


Finn Road

Dice Road Hell House.jpg

The Hell House


There is not a single case in history that can compare to the real life horrors that took place at the Pomeraning farm house on Dice Road in Saginaw County. As you enter the exhibit, you will hear the crackling audio recordings from the 1970’s… the tapes that all had thought were lost with time. 


As you make your way through the exhibit, you will hear the chilling confessions, and the haunting details from the voices of the Pomeraning family, the investigators, and yes… even the sounds of the pounding and explosions erupting through their home.


The Cursed Items Display

Locked and sealed with a cermony of protection, this display is certain to send chills down your spine. Behind the panels of vintage glass, you will be able to lock eyes with several vintage dolls that contain various energies from the other side.


Each of them have a very unique story and a chilling origin of spiritual attachment. 

We at the museum have heard and seen things from this display that are truly exhilarating and down right creepy! 


The display also houses several other items such as tribal masks, a vintage spirit-board, toys and more. Take your time and see what you experience… just DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS!


The Death Display

Being as how our location resides within in a centuries old funeral home, we felt it appropriate to pay homage to the buildings morbid history. The Death Display showcases the grim tools of the trade, and several dozen items which coincide with great and grim inevitable. 


Some of the items include: morticians make-up kit and death mask, embalming machine and table, and yes… A REAL CASKET! 


We at the Haunted Saginaw® Museum notice a lot of activity around this display, perhaps it’s because the spirits are certainly familiar with these items. 


The Shoppe

A visit to The Shoppe inside the Haunted Saginaw® Museum concludes your tour.  Take home a souvenir t-shirt, DVD copies of investigations, or fill your home with the luxurious scents of the Haunted Saginaw Candle Co.

Visit the

An incredible selection of gifts and curiosities to take home with you.

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