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The Museum

For nearly a decade, Steve Shippy’s private collection of haunted and cursed items could only be seen on display at his red-carpet film events. Now, he has finally found the perfect location to house his ghastly and haunted collection… inside a centuries-old former mortuary in the heart of Old Town Saginaw, MI. 


- Just off of Hamilton Street where Haunted Saginaw® began.


The Films

For the past 13 years, Steve Shippy has been documenting hauntings in one of America’s most haunted cities: Saginaw, MI.

Journey through a haunted saloon,  an abandoned train station, private residences, and everything in-between. 


Witness the shocking evidence unfold as you view each chilling chapter of the Haunted Saginaw® film series. 

film covers

The Shoppe

The Haunted Saginaw® Shoppe (located inside of the museum) is open to the public every Saturday from 4pm - 11pm. The Shoppe carries all classic Haunted Saginaw® merchandise, as well as unique and exclusive items you cannot purchase at our online store.  


• You do not have to purchase a museum ticket to visit the Shoppe •


Steve Shippy

International television host, paranormal investigator and documentary filmmaker - Steve Shippy has a lengthy career spanning decades in all things supernatural. Shippy has released ten films in his Haunted Saginaw® film series, is the star of Travel Channel’s “Haunting in the Heartland”, and hosts several documentaries as seen on Discovery Plus. He has also made appearances on “Paranormal Caught On Camera”, and many other network releases. 

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